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HGH International's maritime services include global security and training -- from luxurious private yachts to commercial and research vessels, we've got it all. Our complete package includes an array of assessments, training, and operational support.

Travel Planning


Travel security services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized, safe solutions regarding transportation, accommodations and associated travel activities domestically and abroad. Every travel security detail is personally managed by one of our experienced Protection Security Specialists. HGH Protective Security Specialists have extensive and proven backgrounds in a rage of US Governmental agencies.  In addition to international security experience that is broad, deep and practical, our Protective Security Specialists provide clients with planning, support, backup and emergency response capabilities that are second to none.

Executive Protection


HGH provides a complete range of Professional Executive Security Protection at all levels in the security industry. We provide secure travel services that provide security drivers, vehicles and protective personnel as needed anywhere in the world through our own staff or carefully vetted partners. Traveler tracking and emergency evacuations are also available. We also provide close protection as needed at home, at work or on the road. Our executive protection services include protective surveillance and covert protection. If needed we also provide residential protection to keep the principal and family safe at primary or secondary residences. Emergency protection services that are available on short notice to deal with evacuations and other crisis situations.

Our focus and attention to detail forge comprehensive, customized solutions.  Our combination of cost-effective approach, immediate use of worldwide assets and highly trained professional security personnel, and unrivaled quality controls allows HGH to achieve the industry's highest standards of excellence for all of our clients.

High Threat Protection

Training Programs


We design our High Threat Protection Services Training program to protect civilian employees, facilities and equipment in all locations and situations.  We plan and integrate applications of combating terrorism (anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism), physical security, operations security, and personal protective services.  We include intelligence, counter-intelligence and support from other security programs.

Site Security Surveys/ 

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments


HGH provides detailed land-based and maritime site security surveys/threat and vulnerability assessments around the world.  Our proven expertise in providing dynamic threat assessments of existing or proposed facilities, procedures and operations is unrivaled in our industry.  All site security surveys/threat and vulnerability assessments are provided with absolute discretion and confidentiality, and feature documentation, photographs and videotape in a single, comprehensive package.  

We design our dynamic threat assessment exercises to test for vulnerabilities in security systems and procedures.  Our site security surveys/threat and vulnerability assessments are performed in a professional, structured and analytical manner.  Our surveys and assessments enable our experts to provide recommendations, solutions and training for proposed security programs or to enhance existing ones.

Security Staffing



HGH staff professionals perform a wide range of management and staff support functions.
  • Program management
  • Logistics and acquisition
  • Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence Analysis
  • Training and curriculum development
  • Operations Research
  • Physical SecurityPersonnel Security

Security Solutions


HGH security professionals provide comprehensive security support services in all basic security disciplines - Physical, Technical, Personnel, and Information Security.  

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

  • Personnel security processing and adjudication

  • Security assessments, planning and design

  • Security monitors

  • Communication Security

Peace Building


Crisis Management


HGH International has the capability of conducting Peace building and Crisis Management operations worldwide. HGH focuses on the social conditions that act as a catalyst for the creation of conflicts, therefore stable peace must be built on a mix of social, economic, and political foundations. For that reason HGH also focuses on infrastructure projects, security and Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) with the objective of connecting sustainable growth together with rule of law and the stabilization in developing nations. HGH is an advocate of poverty and violence reduction through legislation, policy, and investments. HGH Executives have extensive experience in facilitation, mediation and intervention with the objective of achieving peace.

Canine Services


Over the past two decades, explosives have been one of the most common weapons used in terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, attacks using explosives often result in mass destruction and many casualties. “Vapor Detect dogs can detect target scents up to 50 feet away from the original source. Far more sensitive, far more adaptable, and far more mobile than any machine, vapor wake dogs represents years of research by doctors and scientist at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine” 
To further our mission of defending, detecting and deterring danger, we can provide additional dog security services, including:

  • Narcotic detection services

  • Cell phone detection services

  • Protection services

  • Contraband detection services

People should be able to work or enjoy themselves without worrying about terrorism or endangering their lives. With our dog explosive detection services, we hope we can give citizens peace of mind and ensure their safety wherever they may be.

View our K9 Certification Here

Human Trafficking


Hostage Situations


HGH International stages rescues for alleged human trafficking and other hostage situations.  We do this through gathering evidence, utilizing technology, supporting locals, and facilitating rescue missions. 

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