• Tracking for Vehicles, Personnel, Sea craft or Aircraft
  • Instant Communication with Command Centers
  • Instant Communication with Other Field Assets
  • Analytics and Status Data such as Fuel, Vehicle
  • Subsystem, Speed, Direction, etc.
  • Data Management Capability

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

seaport and coastal surveillance systems

We are improving “safe city” crime reduction, terror detection and disaster recovery solutions combining fully integrated C4I systems with advanced electro- optics surveillance, UAVs, communication solutions and other systems to provide city-wide event detection and operations coordination, management and control.

We supply a variety of solutions to secure airports and related aviation security facilities from undesired intrusions, supporting secure airport operations while complying with the range of regulations that govern airport and aviation security. We also supply national-based access security solutions for air traffic control missions.

border surveillance systems

We supply a range of systems and products for border, surveillance, including day/night laser designated observation systems, mini-UAVs, surveillance land vehicles and C4I-based systems combining some or all of the above-mentioned systems.

counter ied solutions

Integrated Pipeline Access Security Systems (I-PASS)

Security technology

We offer a Class II helicopter UAV with a 40 km range, called the CONDOR. The CONDOR is a tactical UAV whose purpose is to supply immediate information and support to the appropriate battalion/company ground commander(s) or similar-level police, security or intelligence collecting organization engaged in action.

We supply MICOM HF radio communications systems for land and maritime- based security forces.

  • User Friendly Web Applications
  • Real Time Vehicle Location Info
  • 2 Years of Online Recording
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Geo-fencing Capability
  • SMS, Email, and Text Notifications
  • Wireless Networking of Map Data and Incident Reports
Jamming Systems - Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)Technology

We supply comprehensive surveillance systems for monitoring maritime traffic, prevention of smuggling, illegal shipments, customs violations and illegal immigration, controlling fishing activities and coordination of search and rescue.

​The IPASS system was developed to give the best solution for protection of pipe lines or other infrastructure installations of the energy industry. The system has two different derived versions for two different applications:

IPASS – surface – dedicated to protect above the ground installations – when the fiber is buried near the surface on a special layer in order to detect activities on the ground (cars or other vehicles, people, etc...).

​IPASS – underground – dedicated for buried pipelines -when the fiber is buried along the pipe in order todetect digging or other activity on the pipe.

​The Acoustic Fiber Optic of the two versions is based on the same technology and basic difference between them consists on the installation approach and the tuning of the identification algorithm.


perimeter security and intrusion detection systems

We supply electronic alarm fences and virtual fences, combined with electro optical pointing, verification and tracking to detect and deter attempts by intruders to breach secured facilities and critical infrastructures.

We provide security and safety solutions for railroad authorities, including railway security systems and anti-collision alert systems for crossing junctions.

transportation security and safety systems

communications systems

gps tracking systems

safe city systems

airport aviation security systems

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