• Disaster Response and Mitigation
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Evacuation Preparedness and Planning
  • Humanitarian Aid Distribution
  • Conflict Mitigation
  • Rule of Law & Security Sector Reform
  • Institution Capacity Building
  • Human Security and Capacity Development
  • Field and Convoy Security
  • De-mining and EOD

peace building & crisis management

HGH International has the capability of conducting Peace building and Crisis Management operations worldwide. HGH focuses on the social conditions that act as a catalyst for the creation of conflicts, therefore stable peace must be built on a mix of social, economic, and political foundations. For that reason HGH also focuses on infrastructure projects, security and Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) with the objective of connecting sustainable growth together with rule of law and the stabilization in developing nations. HGH is an advocate of poverty and violence reduction through legislation, policy, and investments. HGH Executives have extensive experience in facilitation, mediation and intervention with the objective of achieving peace. 

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