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Our mission

To provide clients with a full range of security services and technologically advanced equipment that will suit their specific needs.Since establishment, we have made a strong name for ourself through making security operations missions militarily sound to the best of our ability, by improving the best of your ability. Your safety and protection is among our highest concern. HGH International is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria as the lead of tactical operations for the entire continent, and is steadily expanding on an international level.

Global outreach

HGH International provides employment and training to locals of the area. Concentrated skill building in areas revolving around risk management, and security services/international development practice help to develop character and knowledge of a person to the highest extent imaginable. Our business partner, Motir Services (Nigeria), is a key part of our operations -- providing logistical support and human resource support. Motir Services provides services to the Nigerian Government in the Banking sector, Delta Public Safety sector and NON-Governmental Organizations (NGO). Motir Services also has operations in Liberia, Cameroon, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Congo (DRC) which helps make our ambitions of a more expansive global outreach possible.