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Abuse Victims
Who you can talk to (how to ask for help)
How to get out until you get help (underground)
Support Group
Who to trust
What papers work to file for

High School Females
Awareness of their situation
Schedule (when and how to schedule events and time)
Letting family member knowing where you going (point A to point B)
Never travel along
Traveling (States or other Countries)
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Confidence from your fear:

               Some women were taught to have few or no options when it come to sexual assault.  Females were taught contradictory, racist wrong and useless information about options females supposedly do have.  He’s back and enjoy it.  Don’t go out alone.  Don’t go out at all.  Be afraid of strangers.  The man in the bushes.  He didn’t mean to hurt you.  He was drunk.  It’s not a big deal.  It didn’t really happen.  Ask yourself a simple question.  What is verbal, sexual assault or abuse violence against women?

               I am not here to criticize your past action or in-action.  I am here to teach you and to let you know that you are strong, and what would it take for all of you to realize that you can be able to fight back.  This courses teaches women the knowledge regardless of your experience that may have happen in the past.  Instructors will show you how to have confidence about yourself, that size or experience to fight back against any attacker or attackers who want to hurt you, (Rape, Assault, Physically Abuse, or avoid being beaten unconscious).

               The class focuses on the particular ways in which women are attacked.  Men attacking women to engulf them and throw them to the ground.  The class emphasizes the strength of a woman’s bodies, which is usually in the arms, legs, and kicking techniques.  The 3 or 5 days courses, four hours a day which is spread to classroom and scenarios.  The course is important because, we train the women to open up, have self confidence against their fears, and teach them to memorize the techniques. This means if a student needs to defend herself she will not have to think how did that kicking position work, just simple react to it.

               There are two instructor, a coach and instructor who may wear the scenarios suit.  The scenarios suit is to protect the instructor’s vital areas to allow women to fight full force.  It would teach the women to have full confidence in knowing their own strength and ability to hit or kick someone full force.  The courses will show the assailants are extremely realistic. 

Course types:

Awareness for young female college students
Date Rape Drugs
Club (bar activity)
Group activity
Traveling (in States or other Countries)
How to carry money or cards
and More    
Single (Female) Parent
Traveling with children
Hotel (how to pick them)
Shopping Mall

                                                                                  Self-Defense Courses                                                                    

            You can defend yourself with your mind and simple martial arts techniques. Learn to confront fear by being self aware and confident.  Learn to defend yourself against sexual assaults and physical threats by an attacker.


This course will be taught by a team of females and male instructors with emphasizes on.

Realistic Confidence (Real World)
Emotional Support


Course teaches students:

Realism:  The Course is based on ways in which men typically fight and abuse women during sexual assaults.  Ground fighting is emphasized, as women are typically wrestled or knocked to the ground.  Assailants can also portray characters, as the majority of women are attacked and subdued by vebal threats.  By taking this class you can be mentally and physically prepared with as much realism as possible.  By given women the knowledge that they can fight even when scared.

Emotional support:  To build self confidence in yourself requires not only physical skills, but your mind as well, most people go through a tremendous emotional process when we break through societal prohibitions against fighting back; when you see that you are strong and courageous; that life is worth defending, and that past abuse does not have to rule our lives.  Instructor and classmates create the supportive techniques for learning.

Simple techniques:  Physical techniques are movements that the body does naturally and easily learn. No long training or special physical fitness required.  The course starts slowly and builds progressively to more unpredictable scenarios as the student skill develop mentally and physically.

The scenarios suit:  The suit (Red Man) allows women to have self confidence to fight full force, with full contact to all vital areas that can disable or knock out an attacker.  The movements that students learn are built into the memory.  Students find out what it feels like actually hitting someone with full force, and what your body must do to follow through on a technique.Type your paragraph here.

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